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Welcome to the InfoSec Reviews annual awards magazine, where we pay homage to the exceptional work that’s been undertaken in the Information Security marketplace during 2011. This year’s inaugural InfoSecReviews.Com awards has focused primarily on security related books (and the book publishers) as this is where InfoSec Reviews started from back in the summer of 2011, however, next year we’ll be expanding the awards to include categories for products, magazines, websites and training, which we are really excited about.

So, what’s inside? This year’s magazine, as I said, focuses on books, and to mark this, we have managed to acquire some great articles and interviews that I’m sure you’ll find interesting. Mich Kabay, our weekly columnist who writes the Perception blog (, has supplied an excellent article on how to write about Information Assurance matters. If you are a budding author, be sure to take a look, as there are some useful hints and tips in there that will help you on your way. We’ve also had an article in from the premier Information Security publisher, Syngress, on working and publishing in this market, which is well worth a read, and, we also have a couple of great interviews with some of the most well known writers in the market.

One of the most interesting things we did at the end of last year was to add a short survey into the nominations for best books that gave us some idea of how the information security book buying market was performing. The survey results make fascinating reading, even if you are not and author or a publisher, as the book buying market often highlights what’s important in a particular niche area.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the magazine and that the awards give you some ideas of what you might be interested in adding to your bookshelf over the next few months.

Tony Campbell


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