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“Network Internet control, that’s just another phrase for the company blocking sites it doesn’t want us to access.” How many times have you heard that phrase, or one similar to it? It is often the reaction you get whenever restrictions are placed on employee Internet access privileges.

However, they may not realize that the Internet is actually a double-edged sword. While it’s a great research and communication tool, it is also a gateway through which malicious hackers can gain access to your system and steal confidential data.

With that in mind we are going to provide you with five new retorts to the well-worn complaint about network Internet control above.

5. “We are helping you get that promotion.”

Bandwidth monitoring and control of browsing habits help employees become more productive. They can focus on the task at hand with distractions that result in wasted time. In addition, by browsing streaming media sites, employees can slow down the entire network by soaking up bandwidth and thus reduce everyone’s ability to work. By using effective network Internet control software, you are making them more productive and thus better placed to get that promotion they want.

4. “Would you prefer to tell the CEO you gave away your password?”

Phishing attacks are both powerful and insidious. They use social engineering and browsing habits against us to convince us it’s safe to disclose confidential data, such as our password. Because phishing attacks masquerade as legitimate sources, we may not even realize our data has been compromised. Now imagine the company loses confidential data, and it was your user account that last accessed it. That last access was outside of working hours. Think about explaining that uncomfortable situation to the CEO… Network Internet control suddenly seems quite attractive.

3. “There are 60,000 new malware strains released every day? Can you guarantee you are safe?”

Malware is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. The sheer volume of malicious content is phenomenal and it comes in many forms: emails, websites, scripts, files and so many other variations. By applying good network Internet control you can prevent infection by allowing access to safe sites only and filtering out harmful attacks. In addition, good software can also track threats in real-time to ensure you stay safe.

2. “Internet Messenger is not your friend.”

Many employees are not aware that files transferred through messaging services, such as Internet Messenger, could contain viruses or malware. This could impact the network and result in a serious loss of data or a severe security breach. In addition, messaging services can impact productivity and result in cyber-slacking. Finally, just as viruses and malware can be transferred in to your system, so valuable data such as customer lists and sales reports can be sent to third parties using this software. As a result, good network Internet control software has the option to block messaging before it results in problems.

1. “Movies are for the weekends.”

Corporate networks often have high speed Internet connections and this can be tempting for employees who take advantage of this to download large files, such as movies. This absorbs bandwidth, resulting in a system slowdown. In addition, employees also use streaming media which can be another bandwidth hog. When your network slows down, productivity slows down with it. By implementing network Internet control, you can identify slowdowns and take steps to prevent them, meaning your company runs at peak efficiency.

The next time you hear someone complain about having network Internet control installed, you know you have a solid repertoire of answers, as well as the reasons why it is a good thing. If you don’t have it set up, or don’t have effective software to control what your employees are accessing, you also have an idea of just how much your system and corporate data could be at risk. And if that is the case, ask yourself whether you would like to listen to employee complaints about browsing restrictions, or the CEO asking you how your largest competitor just got hold of your customer list.

This guest post was provided by Christina Goggi on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs. Read more on the importance of implementing network Internet control within your organization.

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