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PRLog (Press Release)Jun 20, 2011InfoSec Reviews is a brand new, online resource dedicated to publishing professionally sourced reviews of Information Security books, services, websites & software products. Dave Raimbach, one of the site’s founders, said, when interviewed, “Over the past five years I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with so-called ‘independent’ reviews of products and services appearing in the information security magazines, websites and especially with many of the book reviews I’ve read on Amazon, both in the UK and in the US. InfoSec Reviews was conceived as a way to cut through the facade of marketing spin and paid-by-publisher reviews to ensure complete independence and ensure the review is accurate, critical and written by a professional who is qualified to act as a critic. Every one of our reviewers is known to us professionally and they are selected based on their skills, both in writing and subject matter. This ensures both author and reader is treated with the respect they deserve. The value we add is in editing and publishing the content freely to the information security community.” Since true independence can sometimes be doubted of Amazon reviews, strives to bring book reviews back to the forefront of the purchasing decision, and for the security community who spend many millions every year on highly-priced textbooks and services, this kind of independence could save the purchaser a significant amount of time and money.

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InfoSec Reviews is a privately funded, volunteer service provided for the Information Security community, supplying book reviews, products reviews and reviews of online content and services, such as blogs and podcasts. These products are all relevant to today’s information security professional and come from the following categories:

1.     General computer security 2.     Risk management 3.     Security engineering 4.     Ethical hacking & pen testing 5.     Cryptography 6.     Digital forensics 7.     Network security 8.     Software development 9.     Hardware 10.   Recruitment 11.   Professionalism This is not an exhaustive list and we’ll actually publish news and reviews on anything related to information security. We are always looking for professional reviewers to help in our crusade to evaluate everything we can get our grubby little mitts on, and will happily answer correspondence with potential authors, publishers and vendors, no matter what you have to offer.

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