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A brand new, information security oriented website, dubbed InfoSec Reviews has officially been launched in the UK.


InfoSec Reviews

PRLog (Press Release)Jun 28, 2011 – A brand new, information security oriented website, dubbed InfoSec Reviews (, has officially been launched in the UK. InfoSec Reviews provides a professional, independent critical eye over the Information Security marketplace, all in one place; something that is sadly lacking in today’s book-buying marketplace. And whilst it’s been launched in the UK, InfoSec Reviews’ reach is truly global as its founders are working with security product vendors the world over. The site officially launches on 30th June 2011 but is already available with a variety of high profile Information Security book reviews, as well as a few information security training course reviews. InfoSec Reviews’ founder, John Hughes, claims that over the coming months a flood of new content will be published, all of which is either in production or commissioned. This new content will propel this service into all the other areas that its blurb purports it will eventually cast an authoritative eye over. Hughes explains that the premise of InfoSec Reviews is to produce comprehensive, professional reviews that the information security community can trust in, using reviewers that have the appropriate skills and credentials to cast an authoritative opinion. To date, InfoSec Reviews has struck up relationships with some of the biggest publishers in the industry, such as Syngress, Apress, Wiley and O’Reilly, however, this list is expanding by the day as the publishers see the quality of the reviews and the potential power that such an independent viewpoint can have in today’s buyers market.

# # # InfoSec Reviews is a privately funded, volunteer service provided for the Information Security community, supplying book reviews, products reviews and reviews of online content and services, such as blogs and podcasts. These products are all relevant to today’s information security professional and come from the following categories: general computer security, risk management, security engineering, ethical hacking & pen testing, cryptography, digital forensics, network security, software development, hardware, recruitment & professionalism. Contact InfoSec Reviews Limited