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Book Title:   CompTIA Security+Study Guide

Author: Emmett Dulaney

Publisher: CompTIA

Date of Publishing: June 28 2011

ISBN(13): 9781118014738

Price: £33.99,   $49.99

URL of Publisher Site: Wiley Publishing

URL of Amazon UK web page: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: (Exam# SY0-301)

URL of Amazon UK (Kindle) web page: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: Exam SY0-301

URL of Amazon US web page: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: Exam SY0-301

URL of Amazon US (Kindle) web page: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: Exam SY0-301

This is a very well structured and articulated book that allows the reader to break up a diverse topic into very logical chunks.  By doing so, it allows specific focus on key information security points and allows understanding of each section to be ascertained through a short test at the end of the section that contains well-articulated questions directly relevant to the chapter just faced by the reader.   As a CLAS consultant, I found the content of the book is accurate and useful to keep up with the latest changes in technology through references to current resources such as social media sites and technologies.  The book, therefore, is ideal for the time-served information security practitioner wanting to keep their knowledge current, or someone new to information security.  The book engages the reader and through its logical structure and use of diagrams, images and exercises, makes it easy for the reader to remain engaged.  The book also contains quite basic scenarios, but they break up the book nicely and allow the reader to focus on images and screenshots relating to the topic.I would definitely consider this book to be value for money, although it has to be stressed that there is a strong bias towards US legislation and regulations rather than those from the UK or Europe.The book also contains a CD containing flash cards and practice assessments to fully prepare you for the SY0-301 exam and also acts as a knowledge refresher when putting information security into practice in the work environment.  

The book contains real-word examples and terminology that are actually found within the workplace. This therefore allows the reader to better relate to the content and translate it to work-based experiences. The book also contains lots of additional references and sources of information that provides the reader with a useful resource that can be referred back to time and time again.

This book is an ideal resource for those looking to move into a security role and take the associated SY0-301 exam, or for those established security professionals looking to refresh their knowledge. The numerous references to external resources and the accompanying CD mean that this book becomes a valuable future aid.   

Marks: 4 out of  5

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