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As readers know from the introduction to this column, I published two articles a week for 11½ years as the Network World Security Strategies (NWSS) newsletter. As I have written elsewhere, the column was never intended to be a source of news; I’m an educator, not a journalist. Some of the articles are dated: they no longer refer to current issues or they have broken links and outdated references. However, many (I hope) are still useful in explaining principles of information assurance, offering guidance in practical matters of security and security management, or to help present security issues more amusingly than usual.

I’m pleased to report that I have finished putting every one of my NWSS articles online as a PDF devoid of advertising and generated index files to allow users to search quickly through the collection.

Readers can visit the archive for a descriptive page showing the options available.

  • Readers may download individual files by consulting the file list where every file is named with a
    descriptive file name;
  • The entire set of files is available in a single 10MB indexed PDF
  • All the files, including individual PDFs, index files, and the
    consolidated PDF file are packed into two compressed files:
    • A ZIPX file for users who can unpack the
      current version of WinZip files;
    • A ZIP file for users limited to using older
      versions of WinZip files.

I invite everyone to use these documents freely for non-commercial purposes, which include

  • Distributing individual articles or the entire collection within schools and other organizations for security awareness purposes;
  • Passing material to social organizations to help non-technical people to learn some methods for protecting themselves against cybercrimes;
  • Linking to individual files or to the directory on any Website.

However, there are specific restrictions that I impose on users of my freely-offered materials:

  • Don’t sell my stuff! I get really mad when I find anyone taking money from people for articles that I give away free (grrrr);
  • Don’t post my articles to any public Website or private intranet. I don’t mind having individuals download their own copies of files, but posting copies on sites that distribute them to lots of people makes it difficult to fix errors in the original files – I’d have to locate all the online copies to try to touch up the files.

I hope you will be able to use these materials in your work or just find those that entertain you.

* * *

M. E. Kabay, PhD, CISSP-ISSMP, specializes in security and operations management consulting services and teaching. He is Chief Technical

Officer of Adaptive Cyber Security Instruments, Inc. and Professor of Information Assurance & Statistics in the School of Business and Management at Norwich
University.  Visit his Website for white papers and course materials.

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